Thursday, July 10, 2008

Prevalence: Transparent, Fault-Tolerant Object Persistence

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Prevalence: Transparent, Fault-Tolerant Object Persistence

In fact, Java already has a well-established, built-in
persistence mechanism in the form of
However, serialization is limited in terms of ability to query specific
data, and, crucially, in its lack of fault tolerance. The first
problem is not an issue if the entire data set for an application
can be held in memory--and querying an in-memory data set will
usually be faster than a database query. However, this is not of much
use if the system experiences a failure while running--the state
of the data on restart will be the last serialized data set, and
any changes to the data since then will be lost.

Tools for Creating a Prevalent System

The Component Parts of the System

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