Sunday, July 13, 2008

Shindig | Apache project for OpenSocial and gadgets

Shindig - an Apache incubator project for OpenSocial and gadgets

Shindig is a new project in the Apache Software Foundation incubator and is an open source implementation of the
OpenSocial specification and gadgets specification.

  • Gadget Container JavaScript -- core JavaScript foundation for general gadget functionality. This
    JavaScript manages security, communication, UI layout, and feature extensions, such as the OpenSocial API.

  • Gadget Server -- used to render the gadget
    XML into JavaScript and HTML for the container to expose via the container JavaScript.

  • OpenSocial Container JavaScript -- JavaScript environment that sits on top of the Gadget Container
    JavaScript and provides OpenSocial specific functionality (profiles, friends, activities, datastore).

  • OpenSocial Data Server -- an implementation of the server interface to container-specific information,
    including the OpenSocial REST APIs, with clear extension points so others can connect it to their own backends.