Saturday, November 15, 2008

Introduction of Amazon Web Services with Spring Framework

Introduction of Amazon Web Services with Spring Framework

I started on some Step by Step application for Spring framework and Amazon.
This is a web based interface to manage the content on Servers. I have also used database (MySQL) to store some content information in it.

The S3 on Spring web application demonstrates the basic Amazon S3 operations:
1. Logging into Amazon S3
2. Listing all buckets
3. Listing all content in a bucket
4. Bucket actions (upload content in a bucket)
5. Content actions (delete and upload)
6. Downloading an content from a bucket

1. Java SE version 5 or above
2. Spring Framework
3. Hibernate3
4. JPA
5. JetS3t (It is an open source Java library available at
6. Apache Ant version 1.6.5
7. Apache Tomcat version 5.5.20
8. MySQL

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