Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS (Hippo Content Management System) is the web-based graphical user interface that provides access to the content in the repository
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What Is Hippo CMS?

Content is managed via your normal web browser, anywhere
you have access to your organization's intranet.
Several users may work on the same document, picture, soundtrack
or other piece of content.
Rights to change pieces of content or just to read them can be assigned.
3Faceted search
Advanced methods to search and select content are available to find information to read or
to refer to from other documents.
Previous versions of content are stored automatically, so that they can be restored in case
users change their mind.
Organizations that use Hippo CMS, design their own content structure. Hippo CMS ensures that all content
fits into this single structure. Thus, the content base of the organization will be filled with information
actually useful to the company; required information will actually be there
and the content base will be easily understandable and searchable, thanks to its uniformity.