Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thoughtsite is a discussions app designed for Google App Engine. It integrates full text search usi

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Thoughtsite is a discussions/forum app designed for Google App Engine. The main features of the app are:

- a flexible system that could be used for any kind of a discussion forum.
- voting, tagging, comments and a reputation point system for users.
- full text search on App Engine with Apache Lucene.
- search for threads by tags or by keywords. Threads can also be linked to from user profiles
- users gain reputation points based on community votes for their contributions
- full fledged user profiles with info, points, contributions, user's personal tag cloud, etc.
- basic duplication detection filters to detect similar threads so posters can avoid creating a new thread if one already exists
- basic spam and gaming filters (self-voting, cross-voting, etc.)
- full-fledged admin section that allows moderation of individual posts and users. Users can flag objectionable content or trolls.